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Frequently Asked Questions

Author: Date:5/7/2015 6:09:26 AM
1/Would Eversunny be able to send some samples?
Yes, for prospective customers, we'll be able to courier samll size(acrylic sheet sample and a color swatch).

2/Would I be able to visit Eversunny Industrial & its facilities?
Yes, we'll be more than happy to welcome you with our warmest hospitality, we can assist you in arranging transportation & accommodiation while in visit.
Notes: Access to some our of our facilities are restricted, thus we'll need to review each other case individually to enter the restricted area. It is advisable to pre-discussed with us what you are intending to visit

3/How do you ship acrylic sheet?
We ship them in either 20' container or 40'containers via sea freight. For large sheet size (e,g.2050*3050), we suggest that 40' container be used. For small order qty, FCL is avaiable.

4/Minimum order qty?
2 tons, you can mixed different sizes and thickness from us.

5/What is the lead time?
Normally delivery is 15-25 days after order is confirmed. But also depends on:

-The composition of the order (size & colors) as some size are busier than others.
-The production queue at the time of order confirmation,
Thus, we suggest you forward us the order composition and estimated confirmation date to get a more accurate answer.