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Instruction for use

Author:xiaoyuer Date:11/1/2010 8:25:56 PM

Combustion characteristics of the acrylic sheet
The acrylic plate combustible materials class B2 (DIN 4102), to avoid contact with open flame; while flame polishing acrylic sheet, acrylic plate burning speed hardwood close, but not produce smoke when burned not smolder; extinguished. Casting plate burning flame stabilization, the extrusion plate occurs flame drops, flame retardant grade acrylic sheet will self-destruction from the fire source, but will produce more smoke when burned.

Storage of acrylic sheet
With the film (back coated pressure sensitive adhesive the PF film or paper film) Storage: stored in an upright position (about 10 bevel). Separator at intervals of 30 cm. Avoid flat preservation; avoid direct sunlight directly; stored indoors, cool, dry, ventilated, suitable temperature.

How to deal with small acrylic surface scratches
The general tiny scratches wipe with a dry cloth moistened toothpaste multi rub back and forth a few times can be restored.
Darker hang injury:
1, the first hardware store to buy water sandpaper (fine), add water to the scratched at and around the polished
2, rinse dry, and then be polished to a dry cloth dipped in toothpaste
3, such as toothpaste after polishing or visible scratches, water sandpaper is not enough, please re-do it again
Water sandpaper surface will be armed soon restore the bright polished with toothpaste
2, the extent to which the water sandpaper, according to its own scratches shades to decide
3, if car electric waxing machine, used to stick the toothpaste polishing will accelerate the speed of polishing
4, as only minor scratches the waxing machine can be used as dip toothpaste to polish